Tuesday, August 31, 2010


First i have to say I am sooo sorry for missing Friday and Monday.  I have probably had the busiest week of my life! Any who, yesterday my friend and I Nerissa went on some rail trail adventures, it was quite an experience. We had to jump this fence to get over into the graveyard while lugging our instruments everywhere.  It just shows we will do anything for photography.  We went to a couple other places, but ill post those on Wednesday! We tried to go for a couple of different looks so as always let me know what you think, and what we can improve on:) My favorites were the first one and the one with the cello!! 
For now i say adieu mes amours <3

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Military Jackets


I just love Military Jackets.  I have been obsessed for the past couple months and i promised myself i will be getting one for back to school shopping! which by the way i am doing right now;) I loved Burberry's fall collection. I am loving the colors and i really just think the models are amazing, and look so strong, ferocious, determined. Putting them all next to each other they remind me of some English style looking band.  Totally a London look that i am digging!! 
As always for now i say
adieu mes amours <3

Monday, August 23, 2010


Hey Everybody!
So today i thought i just give you a little taste of my photography.  These pictures are from my vacation in Delaware.  I took my friend Nerissa, and we just went crazy taking pictures. She took some awesome ones of me, she also has a blog and her pictures are amazing.  I put a couple of hers up too. The beach was fabulous and the weather was crazy.  The waves were so high you couldn't even go all the way in. All in all it was a great trip.  Sorry today was short but i have cheerleading all week long and i am soo busy but i will write again Wednesday:)
P.S. I will be writing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!!

Nerissas photography.


Well thats it for today i hope you enjoy! For now i say 
adieu mes amours <3

Friday, August 20, 2010


Hey Everyone,

Today was awesome, and a great day spent.  I had the opportunity to go to the CIA with my friend Alexis.  It was amazingly fun and the food was fantastic.  While we were there we had the chance to walk around and take some pictures.  I found one that i just love and while she was doing it she was saying ohh look i can do commercial I'll just do that fake laugh all the models do:) well needless to say she looks adorable, and her outfit is stunning and i love it! She took her mothers huge sweater and made it into a cute draped sweater that just makes the outfit. well here's the picture i hope you enjoy!!

 Just a little while ago i stumbled upon this great stream of photos.  I just love all the girls outfits.  They are so adorable.  I have a soft spot for vintage clothes. I love going to thrift stores with Justine, going through all the racks finding amazing clothes.  When i saw the first picture i just got so excited,  i just recently bought a lumpy blue sweater like that and i love it, its amazingly comfortable! i suggest every girl has one:) Also her hair is awesome i love the loose curls about it and it reminds me of old movies i would watch with my mom, having her cry in the background:) I just really loved these photos and wanted to share with you guys!! Just let me know what you think, i love feedback:)
For now i say adieu mes amours <3



Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Beginning.


So i just got back from vacation and have time to do my blog.  I am so excited to officially start this:) I have always loved fashion, and it has been my dream since i was little to enter the industry.  My mother inspired me to get into the photography part of it since she too was a photographer.  I love taking pictures.  Usually when hanging out with friends we are snapping photos and editing them.  I will probably later post some of our latest creations!  My friend the girl in the check scarf has helped me and pushed me into finally making myself a blog, i am so greatful that she did. I can't wait to get to meet everyone.  To express how i feel about things, through my blog i will be critiquing editorials, putting up my own photography, showing street fashion, and just talking about the crazy fashion world!!  I really do love this industry and i was so excited when i finally bought my first fashion magazine. I went to Barnes and Nobles and spent all day just scouring through the shelves of magazines with my friend Justine.  I also bought an amazing photography book and i can't wait to try out some of the ideas it offers.  Well for now i say adieu mes amours.
P.S. I dedicate this first blog to my friend the girl in the check scarf, thank you for everything!!