Sunday, September 26, 2010

bg && cp

Hey everybody soo this is my first official sunday posting! I had my friend alexis do my last posting which she did a great job at:) and i highly suggest everyone go look at her pictures they are amazing!! Anywho so i thought this week i would share some pictures i took while with my friend Brittani Greene.  This photoshoot was toally random, I was just in the mood to take pictures so we went out to her woods...kinda sketch but the pictures turned out really cool.   As always just let me know what you think!
adieu mes amours <3

I'd also like to say that i was disappointed with prada's collection this year.  I usually love their clothes but this season i wasn't really digging it.  They all seemed the same with boring ideas.  But one thing i loved without a doubt were the sunglasses, and shoes.  They were unique and fun:) There were some outfits i would have totally loved to wear and some i just go waht were they thinking???The models were kind of scary looking with very angular and masculine faces but i feel that they went with the collection provided this year.
heres the video of the show if anyone wants to watch:)
The menswear on the other hand was superb and i loved it, i hope one day i can make my husband dress in that chic, fresh cut style.  For me this was a hit!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tsk, Tsk!

Hello blogging world! I am Alexis, a close friend of Cassandra.  Cassandra has been extremely busy and almost forgot to update her blog this week.  But I, being the great friend that I am reminded her about it and volunteered to help her with a guest post, so here goes.  Fashion-wise I am a complete sucker for long sweaters and classy outfits.  Dressing up for school everyday makes me happy and I try to look nice as often as possible.  Cassandra  and I are friends due to our many similar interests.  Photography, clothes, shoes, and talking are things we both wholly enjoy.  This past weekend I went shopping for a dress to wear to homecoming.  I wanted something chic, but playful.  I decided to shop at Forever 21 so as to find a great dress for a bargain price.  I tried on these two dresses:



These dresses were cute, but not exactly flattering on me.  i was really feeling a sassy outfit so I ended up going with a dress that combined aspects from both of these dresses.  I won't show a picture as i believe a PHOTO-SHOOT is going to occur before the homecoming dance with all of our new dresses.  i really find it interesting how these models were styled.  While sifting through the forever 21 website, i saw most of the models had curled hair and various hats to go along with their dresses.  I found this combination to be quite intriguing.  Alas, I have not offered much fashion insight as cassandra usually does with her blog, but i hopefully have entertained you.  I might as well use this time to shamelessly ask you to peruse my flickr,

Cassandra shall be back by next Sunday.  

Au revoir mes amis. <3

Love, Alexis.  

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Hey so I decided to just put up some random pictures i have taken, not really photo shoots, but fun pictures!! Hopefully a legit photo shoot this week??!!!!
as always adieu mes amours <3

props to Khari Wellman and Michaela Wawryk <3 

Friday, September 10, 2010


Hey ya'll!
So i have to apologize for not keeping up my blog, i just don't think i will be able to keep my regular schedule while trying to do school work and Sports.  So sadly instead of three times a week I will now only be blogging on Sundays, it makes me sad but then again it gives me a whole week to take new awesome pictures etc. Any who so i just wanted to say i love Yves Saint Laurent! He is amazing, i love his clothes, editorials, and his name is Freakin Awesome!!!! Love it, so sad he is not with us anymore:( I just wanted to remind everyone to take some time to remember 9/11 that took place in NYC.. it was one of Americas darkest times:(
For now I say...adieu mes amours <3

pictures from New York times

Friday, September 3, 2010

I stepped on a pitch fork

HI everyone.  So i am finally back on track on a regular schedule! Today i am going school shopping and i can't wait! I am so excited to try to find the new hit styles but at an affordable place, im all for vintage and bargain shopping:) On Monday i hoping to put up my beach shots i just took with my friend Michaela but for now i thought i would give you a little taste of my adventures with my friend Justine. This is what we do i guess when we get bored on a rainy day:)
adieu mes amours <3

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Creek !!

So today i went to the beach with my friend Michaela Wawryk. It was our last time of the season and probably the best, it was hot, waves were amazing, and took some epic shots!! I can't wait to put them up probably on friday because i have ti upload and tweek them a bit:) but for sure they will be up friday! Maybe ill even get some cool shots while i go to the zoo tomorrow? hopefully!! anyways these photos i took with my friend nerissa, she's awesome and also a great photographer<3 ya'll should check out her blog, well here are the rest of the shots enjoy!!
adieu mes amours <3