Friday, September 10, 2010


Hey ya'll!
So i have to apologize for not keeping up my blog, i just don't think i will be able to keep my regular schedule while trying to do school work and Sports.  So sadly instead of three times a week I will now only be blogging on Sundays, it makes me sad but then again it gives me a whole week to take new awesome pictures etc. Any who so i just wanted to say i love Yves Saint Laurent! He is amazing, i love his clothes, editorials, and his name is Freakin Awesome!!!! Love it, so sad he is not with us anymore:( I just wanted to remind everyone to take some time to remember 9/11 that took place in NYC.. it was one of Americas darkest times:(
For now I say...adieu mes amours <3

pictures from New York times

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  1. SOOoO I heart this post. "cassandra, how do you say this name? no. no. it's YVES SAINT LAURENT" awww I feel like an influence. haha.