Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Persian Beauty

These are just some pictures of my friend mana! She has such great bone structure and she is just beautiful:) 
Sorry about the pictures being sideways.  My computer is going crazy and doing that-___-

Monday, November 29, 2010

Little Mexico!

These are just some photos i did of my friends Lauren and Mackenzie!  They are both adorable with there bang haircuts:)) and there outfits are amazing.  They both have the cutest sense of style and it looks really put together.  They also both take some awesome pictures! I'll have to share them on here one time:)!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

New York Day by Day: Michael Kors

I just love this outfit. Its so simple and very classy! The model is so strong and beautiful. Super cute belts! I love this and love Michael Kors:)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Angelina Jolie!

Angelina Jolie is going to have a spread and the cover of Vogue in December!  She is absolutely gorgeous.  Her bone structure is so strong it makes her pictures.  Her face and body compliment each other well. Her tallness with her full lips and beautiful eyes.  I love her!! She is an amazing actress but can definitely pull off modeling as well:) Check out more pictures in the more issue!
SOOOOO today i am heading to Brooklyn with my friend Nerissa! We are gonna have a blast and then wake up super early to see the Macy's day parade! I am so excited and hopefully i get some cool shots to show you guys! I hope you all have a great thanksgiving! 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The perfect outfit & Goodies:)

First of all i love this outfit.  I would love to wear it.  The way the patterns are put together and the yellow shoes is just brilliant.  This is from Erdem Moralioglu collection.  To see the full collection you can go onto style.com:)

So these are some birthday presents i received from some dear friends today!  The coach bag is from my friend Brittani.  I love it and the colors are just right! So this will be my second official coach bag:)  The necklace which is gorgeous is from my friend Delphi, yes i know her name is awesome and i love her! The scarf is also from her and the colors are fun and vibrant.  I can't wait for the cold weather to wear it walking the streets taking pictures and skiing high up on the mountain tops:) Thank you ladies!! <3

Monday, November 22, 2010

I Adore this!

I just love this clutch.  It is soo adorable and a very creative idea.  It looks like anyone could make it but its so special and pshh darlings this could go with everything and still look cute:) anywho enjoy <3

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Emma Watson !!

She is so beautiful.  To her freckles to dirty brown hair.  Her new do is so chic and adorable.  It complements her face so well, but lets get real she looks good no matter what she does.  She appears regularly in Vogue and was a burberry model last season! I love her to death and her new look makes me go crazy with Joy!! I thought i would do a post about her this weekend in honor of harry potter. I being incredibly lucky had the opportunity to see Harry Potter 4 hours before it officially premiered! It was pretty good.  Not as good as i thought it was but still amazing.  I love dobby with all my heart.  Even though this film was a slight disappointment Emma Watson was great in it! I can't wait for the second part because that is really when it starts picking up with the wars etc. The only probelm with this was that it was really long and it didnt feel as if anything monumental happened.  Anywho see it for yourself and let me know what you think!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hot Asia!

Since i have nothing to do with my life anymore and have plenty of time to just focus on my blog, pictures, and fashion i have decided to post DAILY! I know this will be a big difference and it might be a little rough at the beginning missing days randomly, etc. but i would like to make this a HABIT :) 
Today i was just exploring around the vogue website and stumbled upon a great article talking about how Asian models are coming up.  I really just love these pictures.  There skin looks soo flawless and yes i will admit i have always been jealous of Asians hair.  It is amazingly beautiful.  It looks dark, long and silky!
i love the way Steven Meisel captured these moments.  The hair, clothes and makeup in this shoot was superb!  My favorite dresses are by far the white lace one(near the back drinking tea) and the green flowered dress.   They remind me of old houses, like couches or doilies.  just Brilliant!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm swimming in Versace :)

This week is all focused around everyday life in NYC. I had the opportunity to go see West side story pf Broadway.  I absolutely love it! It was amazing and i suggest it as a must see along with the other popular hits on Broadway.  We got to walk around the city enjoying the sights.  My favorite of course was walking down 5th avenue seeing all the designer stores, i was literally dying when i saw them.  Sadly i didn't have enough time to go in every store and just marvel over the clothes but trust me i will be soon! NYC has always been a hot spot for fashion! T.V. shows are always shot here, many photo shoots are done, runway shows, fashion is just everywhere in NYC.  I love it and i love this city.  If you haven't been you NEED to go! Check out some articles on style.com and bloglovin, there are sooo many articles about it!
I hope you all enjoy this week:)
As always
adieu mes amours <3