Friday, November 19, 2010

Hot Asia!

Since i have nothing to do with my life anymore and have plenty of time to just focus on my blog, pictures, and fashion i have decided to post DAILY! I know this will be a big difference and it might be a little rough at the beginning missing days randomly, etc. but i would like to make this a HABIT :) 
Today i was just exploring around the vogue website and stumbled upon a great article talking about how Asian models are coming up.  I really just love these pictures.  There skin looks soo flawless and yes i will admit i have always been jealous of Asians hair.  It is amazingly beautiful.  It looks dark, long and silky!
i love the way Steven Meisel captured these moments.  The hair, clothes and makeup in this shoot was superb!  My favorite dresses are by far the white lace one(near the back drinking tea) and the green flowered dress.   They remind me of old houses, like couches or doilies.  just Brilliant!

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