Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm swimming in Versace :)

This week is all focused around everyday life in NYC. I had the opportunity to go see West side story pf Broadway.  I absolutely love it! It was amazing and i suggest it as a must see along with the other popular hits on Broadway.  We got to walk around the city enjoying the sights.  My favorite of course was walking down 5th avenue seeing all the designer stores, i was literally dying when i saw them.  Sadly i didn't have enough time to go in every store and just marvel over the clothes but trust me i will be soon! NYC has always been a hot spot for fashion! T.V. shows are always shot here, many photo shoots are done, runway shows, fashion is just everywhere in NYC.  I love it and i love this city.  If you haven't been you NEED to go! Check out some articles on and bloglovin, there are sooo many articles about it!
I hope you all enjoy this week:)
As always
adieu mes amours <3

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