Saturday, November 20, 2010

Emma Watson !!

She is so beautiful.  To her freckles to dirty brown hair.  Her new do is so chic and adorable.  It complements her face so well, but lets get real she looks good no matter what she does.  She appears regularly in Vogue and was a burberry model last season! I love her to death and her new look makes me go crazy with Joy!! I thought i would do a post about her this weekend in honor of harry potter. I being incredibly lucky had the opportunity to see Harry Potter 4 hours before it officially premiered! It was pretty good.  Not as good as i thought it was but still amazing.  I love dobby with all my heart.  Even though this film was a slight disappointment Emma Watson was great in it! I can't wait for the second part because that is really when it starts picking up with the wars etc. The only probelm with this was that it was really long and it didnt feel as if anything monumental happened.  Anywho see it for yourself and let me know what you think!


  1. I think Emma Watson is absolutely adorable. I love her pixie cut too. I just wrote a post about her. In fact, it is about her cover of Marie Claire. She looks fabulous is the magazine. She was so charming in the editorial too.
    Love her!

  2. 'I love dobby with all my heart' hehehe
    Great post :) I'm exited that your posting daily now!