Monday, September 20, 2010

Tsk, Tsk!

Hello blogging world! I am Alexis, a close friend of Cassandra.  Cassandra has been extremely busy and almost forgot to update her blog this week.  But I, being the great friend that I am reminded her about it and volunteered to help her with a guest post, so here goes.  Fashion-wise I am a complete sucker for long sweaters and classy outfits.  Dressing up for school everyday makes me happy and I try to look nice as often as possible.  Cassandra  and I are friends due to our many similar interests.  Photography, clothes, shoes, and talking are things we both wholly enjoy.  This past weekend I went shopping for a dress to wear to homecoming.  I wanted something chic, but playful.  I decided to shop at Forever 21 so as to find a great dress for a bargain price.  I tried on these two dresses:



These dresses were cute, but not exactly flattering on me.  i was really feeling a sassy outfit so I ended up going with a dress that combined aspects from both of these dresses.  I won't show a picture as i believe a PHOTO-SHOOT is going to occur before the homecoming dance with all of our new dresses.  i really find it interesting how these models were styled.  While sifting through the forever 21 website, i saw most of the models had curled hair and various hats to go along with their dresses.  I found this combination to be quite intriguing.  Alas, I have not offered much fashion insight as cassandra usually does with her blog, but i hopefully have entertained you.  I might as well use this time to shamelessly ask you to peruse my flickr,

Cassandra shall be back by next Sunday.  

Au revoir mes amis. <3

Love, Alexis.  

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