Friday, August 20, 2010


Hey Everyone,

Today was awesome, and a great day spent.  I had the opportunity to go to the CIA with my friend Alexis.  It was amazingly fun and the food was fantastic.  While we were there we had the chance to walk around and take some pictures.  I found one that i just love and while she was doing it she was saying ohh look i can do commercial I'll just do that fake laugh all the models do:) well needless to say she looks adorable, and her outfit is stunning and i love it! She took her mothers huge sweater and made it into a cute draped sweater that just makes the outfit. well here's the picture i hope you enjoy!!

 Just a little while ago i stumbled upon this great stream of photos.  I just love all the girls outfits.  They are so adorable.  I have a soft spot for vintage clothes. I love going to thrift stores with Justine, going through all the racks finding amazing clothes.  When i saw the first picture i just got so excited,  i just recently bought a lumpy blue sweater like that and i love it, its amazingly comfortable! i suggest every girl has one:) Also her hair is awesome i love the loose curls about it and it reminds me of old movies i would watch with my mom, having her cry in the background:) I just really loved these photos and wanted to share with you guys!! Just let me know what you think, i love feedback:)
For now i say adieu mes amours <3



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