Sunday, October 17, 2010

Black. White. & Red

So today i spent all day at home doing nothing. Not to exciting but I found so many great photo idea's and projects I would like to try.  Hopefully it will help me develop my skills a little bit more.  I really wish i had D60 but sadly my parents said they will NOT be buying me a camera, I guess i will just be stuck with my Kodak easy share until i can get my hands on a legit camera! These pictures are just messing around with my sister.  It was freezing outside and she was sick, with barely any clothes on....yeah probably not the best idea but i will force her to do anything for my photography:) Hope you guys like them!! 
For now
adieu mes amours <3

Weeks Fashion Find:
I just went through this whole collection.  It is absolutely beautiful.  The lines, patterns are lovely.  They put this collection together very well and they have me sold.  It is amazing and i suggest you all see it! You can read the review and see a slide show of the whole collection.  It is to die for, Valentino has done it again!!


  1. Your photos are always beautiful. You do fantastic work even without a 'legit' camera. And you wouldn't know your sister is sick, she looks so lovely!

    I'm crazy about the Valentino collection, too. It's really perfection. :)