Sunday, October 10, 2010

Victor & Neri !!

These shots are from a long time ago, but they are amazingly beautiful and i love the people in the pictures.  One is my cousin Victor Dickson and the other is my lovely friend Nerissa Pineda.  We had the opportunity to go to this bed and breakfast.  Lets just say it was the cutest place i have ever been.  The decorating and styling was out of this world.  It was so vintage and every room had it's own theme.  It was awesome, and it was a fun picture taking day! If i do say so myself they would make the cutest couple!! (but they aren't actually one).  Hopefully this week I'll find some time to do some more fun picture with this amazing fall atmosphere!
For now ...
adieu mes amours <3

Starting now I am going to post one crazy thing i see in the fashion world that week!
This week...Ridiculous heels.  This is death with shoes.  I don't like them at all and they look extremely weird.  Why would someone ever invent these?  They remind me of the shoes the Chinese used to make their girls wear to make them smaller, i am pretty sure its called foot binding.  Anywho people love these shoes and i have no idea why.  Lady Gaga has worn this style before and fell at an airport, NOTE: Do not wear these, highly dangerous:)
(Click on the link to see a pair)

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